5 Ways on how to live like a local in Thailand

Most travelers plan their trip ahead. They search in advance for tourist spots and line up their detailed itinerary, while few prefer to be spontaneous and explore on their own what they can discover.

Regardless of where you belong in the aforementioned statement, this list of not-so-touristy activities will help you to feel less of an alien in Thailand.

I, my friend (left) Jean, and our professor (right), Ms. A (Miss you both po, let’s travel again!) experienced living like a local in a country not our own by doing the following:

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Traveling Singapore

Hooray ’cause it’s my FIRST OUT OF THE COUNTRY TRIP !!!

(It’s been a month, but yeah, gonna post this whatever it takes hahaha)


Ever since I was a kid, traveling abroad is part of my bucket list (which I know is part of yours too). I know I would make it, I just don’t expect that it’ll happen too soon and at this age of mine. I just felt very blessed and thankful to God when I started my journey being 20 with travel and adventure!


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