5 Ways on how to live like a local in Thailand

Most travelers plan their trip ahead. They search in advance for tourist spots and line up their detailed itinerary, while few prefer to be spontaneous and explore on their own what they can discover.

Regardless of where you belong in the aforementioned statement, this list of not-so-touristy activities will help you to feel less of an alien in Thailand.

I, my friend (left) Jean, and our professor (right), Ms. A (Miss you both po, let’s travel again!) experienced living like a local in a country not our own by doing the following:

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Work hard, Play hard.

I wonder how we really measure hard work. When to know that enough is enough or that a little should be given more or given up?

I am a paradox for being such a lazy doer. A doer, but lazy. Hahaha. I feel more worthy when I get to do a lot of work, but at the same time, feels relieve lurking on the internet while lying on my bed for a whole day.

A workaholic, but a sleep addict.

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A tour at the First Vintage Camera Museum in the Philippines

Historical travels and appreciation of old structures seem to be conventional activities nowadays because of the influence also of the social media. I view this trend interesting since it’s benefitting to both parties; people learn to value our rich culture and history, at the same time, it boosts the local tourism sector.



When you try to visit Taal, Batangas, make sure that a museum is part of your itinerary. There are a lot of ancestrals houses that turned into museums which are open for public visits like Don Leon Apacible House, Marcela Agoncillo House (donations are voluntary), Gregorio Agoncillo Mansion (PHP 70 per head) , and Villa Tortuga (PHP 50 per head/ PHP 250 costume rental). I was able to explore only one due to time constraint. Nevertheless, I find my visit very educating and worthwhile.


I’ve learned that Galleria Taal is the first and foremost vintage camera museum in the country. The regular entrance fee is PHP 100 per person while a discounted rate of PHP 50 is being offered to students who have their ids.  The entrance fee privileges you to tour the museum with their resident staff who are very knowledgeable about the details and stories of what are waiting you inside. Take note, all of the vintage cameras inside are still working!

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Baguio City Tour & La Trinidad Visit: Day Two

It’s the second and last day of our short vacation. The weather and ambiance of Baguio made us all want to stay longer but very important errands the next day hindered us to extend out trip. Though we only had a half day spent traveling around, I believe we still made the best out of it and explored the places as much as we could. (This is our second day, if you want to read our first day, Click this 🙂 )


Mine’s View Park

Only a few blocks away from the transient house where we stayed, Mine’s View Park became our first stop for the day.


The scenic view of the mountains will surely leave you in great awe. We had myriad selfies taken there! I and my man felt instant photographers in pursuing good shots of the mountain. Hahaha!F1.2

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Baguio City Tour: Day One

Hi guys! It’s been a month of hiatus since I made my last entry. *insert peace sign* Well, to make up for that, here’s the story of my (not so) recent travel in the Philippines’ summer capital, Baguio City!


Sorry if I can’t provide you fees and expenses ’cause my travel is free as a treat of my birthday girl aunt. However, I believe we had a jam-packed trip and I will tell you the places we went to, that you must totally visit. Yay to that! Or am I the only one excited? Hahaha!


We left Manila around 12:00 a.m and arrived in Baguio City almost 7:00 a.m via van with short stopovers. Obviously, it took us 7 hours en route to the country’s city of Pines. Actually with that span, we can already have a back and forth international flight in one of the neighboring countries! Hahaha!

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