Euphoric in Noir

When in doubt, wear black.

We were instructed to wear a festive color for our 32nd Anniversary event, yet I sported an all black ensemble, because why not? Hahaha! And to tell you, I’m not the only one. Some attendees also found themselves pleased and confident in flaunting their black classy outfits.


Is black even a color? Physics would say no while arts would may give you a yes. Hence, it would require another blog post or an in-depth research for me to discuss which is which. For now here are the 3 reasons why it is often opt by some over the spectrum of colors:


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This is REAL. This is ME, REALLY!


     The reason why I really made this blog is to express my passion for fashion ❤ It’s just that I am really busy doing school stuffs that’s why what I keep on posting here are just my thoughts and accomplishments as a student. Well, my stress-reliever-hobby is to view outfit pictures. I don’t know why I am like that but it makes my day happy (: So for my first outfit post, I collage my recent looks (:

One of my huge dreams is to establish a name in the fashion industry someday. Hmmm… Maybe I am not yet totally expressing that side of me but soon I’ll be able to dress the way I really want it to be and walk with confidence. Any advice and tips?