Caught in-between

Yes or no? Hot or cold? True of False? We all have the teeny-weeny challenges in decision making.

Conscious or not, we constantly make our own choices everyday. Even this paragraph has started by letting you choose based on your self assessment.

We girls have moods we can’t explain and even understand. Here, I felt like I don’t want to dress up, but I don’t also want to dress down. Bottom line: I was caught in-between laid-back and dapper look. I chose to wear my comfy plaid button-down shirt along with my high-waisted denim shorts and ballet flats.

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It’s been a month since I made my last blog post because our schedule became really tight and I had a hard time dealing with my school requirements. What I really mean is that I used my remaining time to have a good sleep, long quality sleep, in lieu of posting new entries. Hahahaha.


I never complain with our loads and I’m confident that my classmates know that because, for instance, I vetoed once on their complaints regarding myriad tasks during our meeting. I won’t give you any more details for I believe that it’s better if it will stay to be just between all of us. Nevertheless, if you, yes you, the one who’s reading is fortuitously one of my classmates who forgot this particular conversation I’m talking about, just send me a message and I’ll tell you when, where, and how. Haha!


For almost a month that had passed, I became very Happy-Go-Lucky. Aside from the outfit I’m wearing, it’s my attitude towards school works that best manifests why my first outfit post for this month became like that. First, let us have a common understanding of what kind of Happy-Go-Lucky I’m pertaining to.


How would I explain it? Haha. Alright, it’s the type of a person who always look on the bright side to the extent that she does not think about what’s next, for she always believes that life will always offer her positive and wonderful things. Okay to make it straight, I became too optimistic that I forgot it’s necessary to be responsible.

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Summer isn’t yet over

Actually the pictures were taken almost last month and I apologize for posting it so laaaate. Obviously, it’s a backlog post. However I think it will never be too late for summer pictures! SO I guess the title still fits its content! Lol :’3


     If all of us just have the time, energy, and money at the same time, I’m pretty sure that most of us will spend it like an endless vacation and going to a beach will be mostly included in our bucket list.  Being able to experience the calmness and peace that beaches have is certainly one of the best feelings in the world. Imagine lying on the fine sand and looking at the stars that shine brightly. Aside from feeling the cold air, you can also hear the sounds of the waves that seem to have a good rhythm. In the morning, you’ll see the sunrise as its color mixed with the clear water of the ocean. How lovely and special is that, isn’t it?


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Because it’s the last day of the year…

This year became special to me. Aside from all the problems and circumstances that I encountered, I know I started being a “Better Me” version of myself this 2013. I may not yet there where I want to be but at least now I am moving closer. (: I learned a lot of lessons of life that I can use in the coming years. I gained more friends and I appreciate more the people around me. I thank God for pouring all the blessings for me and the rest of my family. I can’t ask for more, all I have to say is THANK YOU and I TRUST HIM. He gave us all we need and sometimes even also what we want. He’s the best and because it’s the last day of the year, I will offer this day to Him. ((:


     We should use for this year the motto  “WHAT YOU SEE, WHAT YOU HEAR, WHAT YOU FEEL, WHEN YOU GO, LEAVE IT HERE” for all the unpleasant things that we experienced this 2013. They should be used as our motivations and hopes for a better 2014. Optimism and Trust to God were the things that we shouldn’t forget to bring with us. Life still goes on, if ever 2013 isn’t became good for you, then make 2014 you’re good one. You’re the pilot of your own plane not the season nor the year numbers. If you will let your life to depend so much on luck, you’ll soon lose your own game.

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I’m already a Lady now! Though I’m not yet 18.

Age doesn’t define maturity and so being a lady doesn’t depend whether you’re already on a legal age or not, it is something that you feel and comes from within. Curious why I feel I’m already a  lady now? Think of some reasons why a girl will feel she’s already a lady. Pretty sure random things will fill your mind but it’s as simple as this – I now own my first lipstick! HAHAHAHA! A guava pink flavored lipstick 😀

Maybe it seems funny how I reacted because it was just a lipstick but if you know me in person, it is something very different. I am a girly girl but I’m not comfortable with make up and nail polish just as what a common girl of my age naturally do or have. I don’t know what pushed me to have one but I think it’s for a change and it can be the start of me being vain. :”> Well, whatever may others say, I am happy with what I’ve got! (: *Image



Everything changes. This is the start. I should act of my age but I should not forget to do the things that makes me happy. I am not yet 18 but I can act like one if I feel I need to. I may be one of those Girly Kids who’s still stuck between childhood and womanhood but I know I’m still on the right track.  I will do whatever will make me feel good as long as I know my limitations and I can still recognize what’s right from wrong.


The newest Lady with a Pink Lipstick ♥