This realization changed my life

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. – Matthew 6:33″

I could say that 2017 has been a learning era. Everything that I’ve encountered–may it be the best or the worst–had taught me something.

Last year was full of inconstant and unpredictable happenings that served as a roller-coaster ride for me. Nonetheless, I acknowledge that it’s the same reason why I realized a lot of life’s main takeaway.

From all those lessons, one has been indispensable that it changed my whole perspective and influenced the way I deal with my daily life.

The thought just hit me one day. And I will be forever grateful to God that He let it came into my existence.

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A tour at the First Vintage Camera Museum in the Philippines

Historical travels and appreciation of old structures seem to be conventional activities nowadays because of the influence also of the social media. I view this trend interesting since it’s benefitting to both parties; people learn to value our rich culture and history, at the same time, it boosts the local tourism sector.



When you try to visit Taal, Batangas, make sure that a museum is part of your itinerary. There are a lot of ancestrals houses that turned into museums which are open for public visits like Don Leon Apacible House, Marcela Agoncillo House (donations are voluntary), Gregorio Agoncillo Mansion (PHP 70 per head) , and Villa Tortuga (PHP 50 per head/ PHP 250 costume rental). I was able to explore only one due to time constraint. Nevertheless, I find my visit very educating and worthwhile.


I’ve learned that Galleria Taal is the first and foremost vintage camera museum in the country. The regular entrance fee is PHP 100 per person while a discounted rate of PHP 50 is being offered to students who have their ids.  The entrance fee privileges you to tour the museum with their resident staff who are very knowledgeable about the details and stories of what are waiting you inside. Take note, all of the vintage cameras inside are still working!

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Taal, Batangas: A Heritage Town that is yet to be discovered


When it comes to cultural and historical spot in the country, it is Vigan that we sought-after. Little did we know, aside from Vigan, Las Casas de Acuzar in Bataan and Pila in Laguna, there’s also a small town in Batangas that can give you the nostalgic feeling of the past. Fortunately, Taal is nearer than Vigan when you’re from Manila and won’t require you very long hours of travel and won’t cost you bucks for the trip.


More than its historic essence, this place will really capture everyone’s soft-side and will teach how happiness and contentment in life could take place by just the presence of simplicity. ❤

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Travel and Tourism Fair: NLEX tara na sa Norte!

“Let’s go to North Luzon”


The company that I am working for, joined the 3-day event at Glorietta activity center in Makati. I’m one of the assigned people to man the booth. ❤


The event promoted what North Luzon can offer to tourists. Up north is now an easy access for people living in the metro or even from the South because of the roads like North Luzon Expressway  (NLEX) and Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX).

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Llao llao in the Philippines!

When we traveled to Singapore last February, it left me numerous reasons wanting to go back and experience the country again. Food is of course part of those reasons and this frozen yogurt I’ve tasted is included on the list. I keep telling then that I should really go back to SG for it! Hahaha.

Llao llao which is pronounced as “yao yao” became my fave at first taste. Not only it looks good and undeniably instagram-worthy (hahaha), but the taste is something you could be proud of yourself. Why proud? Because you can customize your own! Everything is your choice—from the yogurt flavor to the toppings and syrup!

I’m glad Llao llao made its way here in the Philippines too! There are two branches now, one in Glorietta,Makati and the other is in SM Mall of Asia. I’ll try them also here when I get the chance. Yeah,it’s a bit pricey, but I’m telling you, it’s really worth it!

Here’s Sanum, the one I had back in The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. I’ve ordered a Mango-flavored frozen yogurt mixed with Strawberries, Dragon fruit, and chocolates of my choice. I opted a caramel syrup over the chocolate one.

Go ahead and treat yourself too<3 Yum!