Diary of a Girly Kid: 3rd Blog Anniversary!

Cheers to my blog’s 3rd Anniversary!

Can’t believe the pace became that fast. Like hey, with that span, why I’m still stuck here with lots of backlog posts? Hahahaha! I rarely post new entries as I enjoy my life that much. Bottom line, I forget to document them. Hahaha! However, I believe that you will know that you really live in the moment when taking photographs or listing them all down isn’t part of the priority.

My 3rd year of blogging exactly coincided with my ‘multi-transition period’, I must say. I’m a teenager no more! From student, I became an intern in one of the country’s famous and biggest TV Network, got my local and international travels, experienced various adventures and yolo moments, graduated from college, and now, I’m currently an employee in the city! Yay to that! ❤

3rd Anniv

Something in my life has also changed, but I guess it’s not the right time to talk about it. Hahahaha! Well, without further ado, I just want to express my deepest gratitude to all of you guys.

Thank you for the continuous support. Thanks for all the reads, views, and comments. They encourage me more to  be persistent on writing, though it’s not part of my daily or even weekly priorities. Hahaha!

Now, as this blog turns three and counting, I’m currently prepping a lot of new entries  and also working on the backlog posts too to maintain its updates and content. Please don’t miss those and be my new friends ❤

Thank you so much guys!!

– The Girly Kid ❤


Gray is not Sad

Pink is my ultimate super duper mega ultra favorite color, but when you see my clothes’ color palette, rarely you will see its hue.


Maybe growing old, growing up rather (hahaha) is a factor of the changes I experience. My wardrobe is filled with blacks, grays, and florals now. Being a minimalist is my style mood most of the times now. I didn’t feel like to do a mix and match that time so I ended up with my gray midi dress. It’s totally a time saver and a very comfy attire that will not give you worries when riding public transportation–always my main concern.

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Common Struggles of a Fashion Blogger

Supposedly, my post is about how one wardrobe piece can change your entire style or how you can spice up your morning attire for an afternoon errand or an evening affair, until I found that my photos are not good enough. Hahahaha. So the idea of exposing the scenes, behind a blogger’s outfit shot came into the picture.


Here are 10 things that I and most of the fashion bloggers usually problematize or stuff that hamper us to have worthy #ootd photos:

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Plaid and Lace

It’s the most beautiful and exciting time of the year. ❤



It’s the first day of December! Oh, Christmas is coming ❤ I’m very stoked and positive looking forward to the days that are coming. The weather is cold, but the feeling is warm. How ’bout you, aren’t you excited as I am?


What do you love most about Christmas season? Actually, I still have no idea of how I will write and end this blog post because all I care is that, it’s already the last month of the year!

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