Work hard, Play hard.

I wonder how we really measure hard work. When to know that enough is enough or that a little should be given more or given up?

I am a paradox for being such a lazy doer. A doer, but lazy. Hahaha. I feel more worthy when I get to do a lot of work, but at the same time, feels relieve lurking on the internet while lying on my bed for a whole day.

A workaholic, but a sleep addict.

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Living Independently

At first the feeling is indescribable. All is different. All seems enigmatic. I don’t know if it’s true or just something new. Until everything gradually becomes familiar. The place I’m into feels like I belong to it, that in a subtle way, it suddenly feels like home.

Living Independently 2

Living Independently

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Enchanted Kingdom’s Magic!

After a very long wait, finally I and my friends (We’re being called as GIRLFRIENDS) went to Enchanted Kingdom, a famous amusement park here in the Philippines!


Enchanted Kingdom or simply E.K has the tagline, “The magic stays with you” which is true especially when you spend your day experiencing all their extreme rides with a bunch of friends that are always energetic and excited as you are.

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