5 Ways on how to live like a local in Thailand

Most travelers plan their trip ahead. They search in advance for tourist spots and line up their detailed itinerary, while few prefer to be spontaneous and explore on their own what they can discover.

Regardless of where you belong in the aforementioned statement, this list of not-so-touristy activities will help you to feel less of an alien in Thailand.

I, my friend (left) Jean, and our professor (right), Ms. A (Miss you both po, let’s travel again!) experienced living like a local in a country not our own by doing the following:

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Basilica of St. Martin de Tours: Largest in Asia

The heritage town of Taal may be little compare to others, but it’s totally unbelievable and surprising to know that regardless of its size, it houses the largest catholic church in Asia namely the Basilica of St. Martin de Tours.


I’ve heard and read so many stories how amazed and astonished people were, after their visits here. Since then, I always hope to get here that’s why I’m so thankful I finally got the chance.


The church got me so speechless. What you see outside is as majestic and detailed inside. It’s just that I didn’t take a photo of its state of the art and intricate interior as I felt like it’s inappropriate to use a phone and capture everything inside while there was an on-going mass.


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Taal, Batangas: A Heritage Town that is yet to be discovered


When it comes to cultural and historical spot in the country, it is Vigan that we sought-after. Little did we know, aside from Vigan, Las Casas de Acuzar in Bataan and Pila in Laguna, there’s also a small town in Batangas that can give you the nostalgic feeling of the past. Fortunately, Taal is nearer than Vigan when you’re from Manila and won’t require you very long hours of travel and won’t cost you bucks for the trip.


More than its historic essence, this place will really capture everyone’s soft-side and will teach how happiness and contentment in life could take place by just the presence of simplicity. ❤

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