Why you should never miss the next Oktoberfest #Divercity event

Let’s break the stereotype that parties like this are JUST for fun and up to no good. Yes young, wild, and free, but it’s a responsible YOLO though.

Glad that I finally had the chance to attend to one of the most anticipated annual events in the country, San Miguel Oktoberfest.


Ever since high school, I look forward to going to events like this as part of my bucket list. I went there with my good friends who I can always count on. ❤

(L-R: Ian, Jeff, Ivy, Arnold, Macky, Billie, Aezel, Redrick)

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We totally had a blast and we’ll definitely attend again to next year’s Oktoberfest!


Okay, here are the reasons why you should never miss going to the event next time:

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Euphoric in Noir

When in doubt, wear black.

We were instructed to wear a festive color for our 32nd Anniversary event, yet I sported an all black ensemble, because why not? Hahaha! And to tell you, I’m not the only one. Some attendees also found themselves pleased and confident in flaunting their black classy outfits.


Is black even a color? Physics would say no while arts would may give you a yes. Hence, it would require another blog post or an in-depth research for me to discuss which is which. For now here are the 3 reasons why it is often opt by some over the spectrum of colors:


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5 Ways on how to live like a local in Thailand

Most travelers plan their trip ahead. They search in advance for tourist spots and line up their detailed itinerary, while few prefer to be spontaneous and explore on their own what they can discover.

Regardless of where you belong in the aforementioned statement, this list of not-so-touristy activities will help you to feel less of an alien in Thailand.

I, my friend (left) Jean, and our professor (right), Ms. A (Miss you both po, let’s travel again!) experienced living like a local in a country not our own by doing the following:

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Work hard, Play hard.

I wonder how we really measure hard work. When to know that enough is enough or that a little should be given more or given up?

I am a paradox for being such a lazy doer. A doer, but lazy. Hahaha. I feel more worthy when I get to do a lot of work, but at the same time, feels relieve lurking on the internet while lying on my bed for a whole day.

A workaholic, but a sleep addict.

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Caught in-between

Yes or no? Hot or cold? True of False? We all have the teeny-weeny challenges in decision making.

Conscious or not, we constantly make our own choices everyday. Even this paragraph has started by letting you choose based on your self assessment.

We girls have moods we can’t explain and even understand. Here, I felt like I don’t want to dress up, but I don’t also want to dress down. Bottom line: I was caught in-between laid-back and dapper look. I chose to wear my comfy plaid button-down shirt along with my high-waisted denim shorts and ballet flats.

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