3 lessons I discovered when I climbed the 3rd highest mountain in the Philippines

When life gets a bit tough, unwind.


Life sometimes becomes a bumpy road. When things get rough and tough, aside from letting God take over on the situation, we have to help ourselves to remain in good composure and sane. In connection, I felt like I need a sweet escape from it all for a while. I’m glad we have our weekend Benguet trip for our hike to Mt. Pulag, the highest mountain in Luzon and 3rd in the Philippines.


As for the accurate and latest record, Mt. Pulag is now 2926 masl.


During the very long hours of walking and trekking, I inconspicuously reflect on the current life I have, the people I deal with, and the decisions I make. My renewed relationship with the mountains made me realize 3 main takeaways about life:



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Dear future 30-year-old self,

This is me, the 2-decade-old you, still very young, hopefully visualizing and talking to you, ten years back from where, what, and who you are now.



I wonder how you are being called by now. By your initials? second name? position? nickname? Well, whatever they use to call you, I wish you’re comfortable with it.

My aspirations for you are high, yet achievable and realistic. I hope you’re in a genuine state of bliss by now.

I aspire you to be independent and successful, but always humble. Brave but still soft-hearted. Forgiving but not vulnerable. Happy and contented.

I’m optimistic that you’re financially independent this time. Tell me ,what have you done and gave to your loving parents? How did you fulfill their dream retirement? I’m still living in one roof with them this time as I’m writing this to you. They provide me everything that is beyond what I need. I wish you’re able to pay them back for all these things they’ve done and sacrificed for you since day one.

I hope you attained your desired profession and absolutely happy with it. I wish you’ve given your very best for all that you have now. I hope your life principles are still intact and standing still.

From the numerous circle of friends that you have before, how many have stayed? Who remained true to their words that they’ll be there for you no matter what? From the people I have today while writing you this, I’m pretty confident that some of them will still be there for you. I do hope I have found real and lifetime friends as early as now.


15 countries off your bucket list? I know you have also explored and experienced well your own country by now. Continue to seek for new travels and adventures, there’s truly more to life!

I don’t know if you’re at the age I want to get married, but if you haven’t walked down the aisle yet, wishing you’re already in a great, sparkling,and stable relationship. I know now’s for real and everlasting.

Be inspiring. On the other hand, let all the people who inspire you, know that they do. 

Everything I desire and yearn while writing this will probably have their own little changes the moment it reaches you, as I am learning everyday, every year. However, one thing’s for certain, you now have a clearer and broader perspective in life so make sure you’re filled with God’s love and pure happiness. 

All thanks be to God. ❤ 

Much love and trust,

The 20-year-old Yel 

Bravery is a rarity

In a world filled with cruel people disguising in good countenance, during this time full of uncertainties, and a kind of life that will keep throwing you unexpected circumstances, what will be your last resort?



The only choice is to stay strong, or else, you’ll lose the fight. The battle which some may know nothing about.



You’ll never have a hard time  saying that you can, but staying in its very essence is a real struggle. Only few people have the guts to get out of their comfort zones, stop playing safe, and do a favor for themselves, despite everything that the society has shaped and boxed us.

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Something about August

I don’t know. I really don’t know.

Remembering it’s now August makes me so pensive and at some point, hopeful. I’m really confused, but I’m in no rush. Maybe I’m just really maturing that’s why I reflect even on the simple things.

Something bothers me. Something I know is my solace at the same time. Something more, something new, something true. Something about August.

I  travel far from home to work and vice versa which gives me more time of musing about life and every little detail of it.

Maybe. Just maybe, some good things are only meant to be experienced and dreamt about. But I’ll just let it be, to let myself grow. Sooner or later, I know I’ll have what’s store in stash for me. Maybe I just have to stay strong and positive because that’s the only resort.

The only thing I must always be sure of is that God loves his people so much and that I should never worry about anything for He’s omniscient and omnipotent.

Someday, I’m sure, I’ll find the answers on  that something about August.


Where do I begin?

Mornings, Number 1, January first, and a sound of gunfire in a race, are only a few of the things that connote a start of something. In other words, they signify beginnings.


Morning means another day. Number 1 suggests pioneering and several numbers may follow when you start counting. January first is the start of a year, and the sound of a gunfire symbolizes the beginning of a race. These are the things which we look for in varying situations as an indication that a new chance had been given or had begun.


Now my question is where do I begin in order to share how my life keeps turning really great everyday and for how I feel very blessed for everything?

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