Lomi Batangas: A certified must-try or else, just cry!

In the Philippines, locals are very proud of what can be offered by their place: historical landmarks, tourist spots, hospitable residents, just too many to mention, but of course I must not forget to consider their mouthwatering foods. Every province is known for its signature dish/es. Batangas, for instance, boasts for its Lambanog, Tawilis, Panutsa, Kapeng Barako, and no other than-Lomi Batangas!


I am not very fond of eating noodle dishes before, but when my friends introduced this one to me during college, Lomi became one of the foods I randomly crave for. Its thick soup blends well with meatball toppings and my favorite, liveeeer!

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Eat-all-you-can Pasta and Pizza at The Old Spaghetti House!

Nothing is more uplifting than the taste of pizza and pasta. Aside from sweets, these two are the usual cravings of girls every single time, whether the reason is to reward and comfort themselves, or they just simply want to binge out.


It’s felt surreal when my friends and I found out then through social media, specifically Facebook, that The Old Spaghetti House is celebrating its 13th Anniversary and currently having their eat-all-you-can promo of pasta and pizza for a very affordable price. (You might want to check out the link I provided at the bottom of this post to see the prices)

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Llao llao in the Philippines!

When we traveled to Singapore last February, it left me numerous reasons wanting to go back and experience the country again. Food is of course part of those reasons and this frozen yogurt I’ve tasted is included on the list. I keep telling then that I should really go back to SG for it! Hahaha.

Llao llao which is pronounced as “yao yao” became my fave at first taste. Not only it looks good and undeniably instagram-worthy (hahaha), but the taste is something you could be proud of yourself. Why proud? Because you can customize your own! Everything is your choice—from the yogurt flavor to the toppings and syrup!

I’m glad Llao llao made its way here in the Philippines too! There are two branches now, one in Glorietta,Makati and the other is in SM Mall of Asia. I’ll try them also here when I get the chance. Yeah,it’s a bit pricey, but I’m telling you, it’s really worth it!

Here’s Sanum, the one I had back in The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. I’ve ordered a Mango-flavored frozen yogurt mixed with Strawberries, Dragon fruit, and chocolates of my choice. I opted a caramel syrup over the chocolate one.

Go ahead and treat yourself too<3 Yum!


Ted’s by MonDay Chefs

 Never forget to reward yourself after doing a hard work.


Actually I don’t see long travel and a quick interview as so much of a hard work because I find them fun, easy, and  enjoyable stuff to do but still, I know(at least) I made something productive so it’s time to unwind! I’m glad that the couple I am with, brought me to this cafe after we interviewed a local government official at the Capitol in connection with our thesis.


Ted’s is a cafe found in Sta. Cruz, Laguna with an American country life ambiance.  Aside from the various foods that will feed your appetite, its interior design will also satisfy your sense of sight.

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Sizzcos’ : My First Foodtrip Post <3

Hooray for my first food blog post! This is what I really wanted, to fill this blog with diverse posts’ topics (other than the outfit posts you mostly get from me) that however reflect my personality as an individual or rather show the factors that helped me  grow and become who I am as of the moment. So without further ado, let me start my first food post!


     I, with my partner, went to Sizzcos’. They claim to be the “Home of Sizzling and Ilocos’ best”. Ilocos, for most of my readers’ information, is part of the Philippine Islands known for its various food delicacies. The place of Sizzcos’ is just a stone’s throw away from ours and I’ve been eyeing this cafe ever since I saw its interior when I passed by.


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