Travel and Tourism Fair: NLEX tara na sa Norte!

“Let’s go to North Luzon”


The company that I am working for, joined the 3-day event at Glorietta activity center in Makati. I’m one of the assigned people to man the booth. ❤


The event promoted what North Luzon can offer to tourists. Up north is now an easy access for people living in the metro or even from the South because of the roads like North Luzon Expressway  (NLEX) and Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX).

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Diary of a Girly Kid: 3rd Blog Anniversary!

Cheers to my blog’s 3rd Anniversary!

Can’t believe the pace became that fast. Like hey, with that span, why I’m still stuck here with lots of backlog posts? Hahahaha! I rarely post new entries as I enjoy my life that much. Bottom line, I forget to document them. Hahaha! However, I believe that you will know that you really live in the moment when taking photographs or listing them all down isn’t part of the priority.

My 3rd year of blogging exactly coincided with my ‘multi-transition period’, I must say. I’m a teenager no more! From student, I became an intern in one of the country’s famous and biggest TV Network, got my local and international travels, experienced various adventures and yolo moments, graduated from college, and now, I’m currently an employee in the city! Yay to that! ❤

3rd Anniv

Something in my life has also changed, but I guess it’s not the right time to talk about it. Hahahaha! Well, without further ado, I just want to express my deepest gratitude to all of you guys.

Thank you for the continuous support. Thanks for all the reads, views, and comments. They encourage me more to  be persistent on writing, though it’s not part of my daily or even weekly priorities. Hahaha!

Now, as this blog turns three and counting, I’m currently prepping a lot of new entries  and also working on the backlog posts too to maintain its updates and content. Please don’t miss those and be my new friends ❤

Thank you so much guys!!

– The Girly Kid ❤

Very First Live Newscast, Accomplished!

     Like what most people say nowadays, “The struggle is real”,  is how concise I can describe our experience producing the very first live newscast done in school.


    Being the first batch to use the new curriculum also means we’re pioneers, at some point, of its new planted activities. Yes, experimental batch we are, but that’s what also made us special. 


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I feel so blessed until now being able to attend the seminar conducted on August 17 (yeah sorry it’s a very late post) at UP Diliman Theater with the theme “Media and Politics: Reporting Philippines’ Recent Biggest Political Scandals”. It was a once in a lifetime experience where I learned a lot of things in just one day. The topics vary as well as the honourable guests speakers with different styles of facilitating and giving their talks. After every topic, there were panel boards from different institutions who ask each speaker after they deliver their talks. The floor is also open for students who want to raise question to the guest speakers.


     By just knowing the masters of the ceremony, you’ll really have an idea that this was a big event, meaning a great opportunity for every communication students to attend. The emcees were, Ms. Cecille Lardizabal, Senior Desk Office of Solar News, Ms. Susan Enriquez, and Mr. Mark Salazar who are both GMA News and Public Affairs Reporters. Speakers of the event have job well done in giving their talks.


My Very First Run!

Actually, It happened almost months ago already but I became so busy in school so I am not able to post it here. But since it was my first, there’s no way I will forget to blog about this! :”>

I have my 2013 plans which serves as my bucket list for this year. My list is full of new things, new places, and adventure that I wanted to experience and witness. One of those things is to join a Marathon or Fun Run. I hope before this year ends, I can check them all :”> *cross fingers* (:

Every academic year, each college department of our school have their “College Week”. It was the College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management (CITHM) week and one of their tradition is to conduct a fun-run for a cause. Luckily, or maybe meant-to-be (HAHA!), Our professor in Physical Education III requires us to join the fun run as our final exam since our last activity is running. Of course I grab the chance for my first fun run :”>  Because it was just my first time, I didn’t push myself to run fast and be one of the winners, I just enjoy the moment and look on everything as a positive one.

The event started early, I think it’s around 4:45 – 5:00 a.m. Many people join the fun-run knowing that after the marathon, we became part of helping those people with disability (but of course awesome people) in Tahanang Walang Hagdan Charity Foundation. Many came late and some weren’t able to run anymore. I’m thankful that I came early! They gave us cute ballers and fans as an indicator that we ran and we finished the 5K distance.


This was right after I reached the finish line. :”>



With my classmates :”>


I am runner no. 137 ❤



     I find the event successful and enjoyable. I hope I can join more fun run events and I am aspiring to take home the bacon someday :”> Go Go Go, I can do it !