I only live once

A girl who goes by the name MJ, her mere initials, on the internet.

Quirky but worthy. She’s in love with life and everything that comes in-between.

Finds herself happy with styling, writing, reading, traveling, socializing, eating, exploring, and savoring every moment.


Known by friends and to some as the YOLO girl who’ll do things for the sake of experience, adventure and once in a lifetime opportunity. Knows her limits and boundaries, but always seeks for new life learnings and strives to challenge her own capability. Living her life to the fullest and very expressive with her friends and loved-ones. Ambivert. She sometimes finds solace in solitude, though occasionally obtains comfort in the crowd.

To inspire, influence, and touch lives are part of her life goals.

A passionate girly kid who believes and trusts God that soon she’ll be able to make her dreams come true.

She’s living a life with a principle in sync and guided by what pleases our dear God. ❤