I wonder how we really measure hard work. When to know that enough is enough or that a little should be given more or given up?

I am a paradox for being such a lazy doer. A doer, but lazy. Hahaha. I feel more worthy when I get to do a lot of work, but at the same time, feels relieve lurking on the internet while lying on my bed for a whole day.

A workaholic, but a sleep addict.

The photos were taken during the NAITAS Travel and Trade Show 2017 at the SMX Convention Center. Felt like I want to take a vacay, yet it’s still a work day for me that time. Hence, it seemed that I got an instant getaway because of La Luz Beach resort’s booth in front of ours. Hahaha!

I ain’t an expert to give such advice. On the other hand, if based on experiences, reads and as ubiquitous as it is, in order to enjoy both the work and the play, we must take heed of our little habits and hobbies then find the balance.

Maybe there’s no concrete measure for how much hard work we’ve done because we don’t have to measure, and that what important is how much we enjoy and grow from it. 

Thanks for reading everyone!


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