In a world filled with cruel people disguising in good countenance, during this time full of uncertainties, and a kind of life that will keep throwing you unexpected circumstances, what will be your last resort?



The only choice is to stay strong, or else, you’ll lose the fight. The battle which some may know nothing about.



You’ll never have a hard time  saying that you can, but staying in its very essence is a real struggle. Only few people have the guts to get out of their comfort zones, stop playing safe, and do a favor for themselves, despite everything that the society has shaped and boxed us.

Taking courage per se is beginning of the challenge.  And there are just too many situations and aspects that you should be brave enough to attain contentment, peace, and real happiness.

Fighting against the perception of the world. Schools taught you not to be swayed by the society, that you must ignore others’ gossips, judgements  or how people might see you in a different way from the truth, but really, do this world practice it?

“You must not do it, just be like this” or “Change. Stop it.”,


“Because people might be mistaken and perceive that you’re like that, though we know that you really aren’t”


When will you be fearless of criticisms and  disapproval? After all, it’s merely theirs, not yours. You’re the captain of your own ship.

Reaching for your dreams.  Do you miss the time you’re younger? That’s the same moment when you’re certain of what and who you want to be in the future. You’re that bold to talk about to your teachers and classmates your vision because you’re clueless yet of the possible consequences, sacrifices, and hindrances, that you may encounter in reaching for your dream.

I once attended a pageant for engineering students and during the formal wear competition, I was surprised when the host started to introduce more details about each contestant and reveal their dreams. Most of them have their dream jobs contradictory or far different from the course that they took. Maybe they have their own reasons, it’s just that I was baffled why they didn’t choose to be gutsy and take the course really close to their dreams.

My dear, be brave to be who you really want to be.

Taking risks. You’ll never answer the “what ifs” if you’ll never try to risk it all. I’m not pushing you to always be a risk-taker, but won’t you just love to witness the could be’s and would be’s, once you finally take courage to dare yourself? You must not be afraid of failure, because you can still learn from it and move on anyway, but of the chances, opportunities, and experience you didn’t take? You’ll only get regret and when you realize that, it might be too late. So do it now.

Fighting against life’s obstacles. Don’t run away from problems, face them, and be stouthearted enough to say that you’re ready for everything life has to offer: both the good and the bad.

Saying NO. A complete sentence, that’s it. Be valiant to only take what you deserve.


Deleting people in your life. Well, I guess when you’re adulting and you get to understand the difference of gold from gold-plated, it will be easier for you to take courage and start believing “few but true” rather than, “the more, the merrier”.

Giving up and letting go. Sounds ironic, but sometimes giving up to situations that seem not right for you anymore and letting go of the things that no longer serve you right, is by in itself, a strong move.

Accepting the truth. I admire those who can tell you the truth no matter how hard it would be. But I admire even more, those who can accept and absorb the truth, no matter how much pain it would bring them and remain genuinely happy. Such a step of courage!

Standing up for what you believe in. It’s not that important if it doesn’t look like theirs or the same as most. What’s important is that you are able to fight for your beliefs and principles. And there would be no words to describe the achievement that you’ll feel inside when you let bravery prevails.

Being brave is now rare, but would you not dare to see what’s in there? You may become one of the few, but wouldn’t it all be worthy for something new?

Thanks for reading! Life’s too short not to be courageous!


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