The heritage town of Taal may be little compare to others, but it’s totally unbelievable and surprising to know that regardless of its size, it houses the largest catholic church in Asia namely the Basilica of St. Martin de Tours.


I’ve heard and read so many stories how amazed and astonished people were, after their visits here. Since then, I always hope to get here that’s why I’m so thankful I finally got the chance.


The church got me so speechless. What you see outside is as majestic and detailed inside. It’s just that I didn’t take a photo of its state of the art and intricate interior as I felt like it’s inappropriate to use a phone and capture everything inside while there was an on-going mass.


h2There’s a big bell in front of the Basilica that adds an additional evidence of its historic past.


You can also stroll around the church which features a small fountain and an old structure at its right side. You’ll see couples, families, and group of friends who are taking their own moments and photos together.


Look at the grandeur facade of the Basilica. The ruins are the concrete witness of the storms it has surpassed, literally and figuratively.


Public transportation is also very accessible which you can see right in the very front of church. People, ambiance, and the place per se are definitely all nice.

h8Once in your life, take time and pay a visit at the Basilica of St. Martin de Tours, it’s undoubtly an impeccable place to reflect on your life and  revive your relationship with God. Thanks for reading!



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