Belt Bag is Back!

Belt bags or waist bags might have been back on track in quite some time now, but I can’t still conceal that I’m happy it did.


I’m actually the type who almost brings her whole house when traveling or who always looks like I have a 3-day camp with my everyday stuff. I’m far from becoming a light traveler. Yet, it’s always good to challenge yourself while staying in style.


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Bohol-Panglao International Airport: Ambiance to match your pastel feed

Dubbed as the “Green Gateway to the World”, this New Bohol International Airport caught me in awe because of its soft color and nature-inspired interior. The colors of the chairs are blue and yellow green that are fresh to the eyes, subtle representation of the sky and the forest.


Look at this mural wall:


Here’s to something we might be happy about the Philippines today. ❤ Click to see more photos! 🙂

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Note to Self

You are like the sunset’s glow—golden.

Remember that.

They say that when you are loved well, you grow.
How better would that be if it comes from within? All the more reason to generously give love to yourself.


You’ll not just grow, you’ll also glow.


Be the source of the love that you deserve.

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Japan Snaps: Osaka Castle

Time is more than gold. That’s what I felt when we traveled to Japan. You have to make every minute count because there were so much stuff to do, yet so little time.


In order not to waste time while waiting for an event that we have to attend, we managed to drop by, for a short time, at the Osakajokoen Station to visit the iconic — Osaka Castle.



Even from afar, it looks very royal and majestic.


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Coco Mama: A must-try in Boracay!

Coco Mama 2

If you happen to stroll around the D’Mall in Boracay, sure that you wouldn’t miss this busy stall that offers replenishment on a fresh Coconut shell.

Coco Mama 5

Local and foreigners patiently wait for their turns to have a taste of the freshly-opened Buko topped with Coco-flavored ice cream, Pinipig, and beans. You can also opt to add some sliced mango for a sweet-and-sour taste.

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