Japan Snaps: Osaka Castle

Time is more than gold. That’s what I felt when we traveled to Japan. You have to make every minute count because there were so much stuff to do and places to visit, yet so little time.


In order not to waste time while waiting for an event that we have to attend, we managed to drop by to the Osakajokoen Station to visit, for a short time, the iconic — Osaka Castle.



Even from afar, it looks very royal and majestic.


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Coco Mama: A must-try in Boracay!

Coco Mama 2

If you happen to stroll around the D’Mall in Boracay, sure that you wouldn’t miss this busy stall that offers replenishment on a fresh Coconut shell.

Coco Mama 5

Local and foreigners patiently wait for their turns to have a taste of the freshly-opened Buko topped with Coco-flavored ice cream, Pinipig, and beans. You can also opt to add some sliced mango for a sweet-and-sour taste.

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Why self-love has never been taught in schools?

Loving yourself wholly and genuinely is the greatest gift you could give to your entirety. That’s why I asked myself, why our professors and teachers didn’t teach us this vital material? Until I realized that maybe they didn’t, because…


I’ve started my December by attending in a workshop titled, ‘Unleash the Speaker within You’ organized by Elevate Manila. We had a compact class for one day which asked every attendee to prepare a 3-5-minute speech to be delivered in the afternoon session.
If I only have more time to create and edit my content, I know my message and delivery will be better. Hence, I am still happy since I’ve learned so much from the workshop.


Here’s my speech:

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Have you been to the Eiffel Tower in the Philippines?

I fell in love with Eiffel!


When we talk about Paris, France, the ever beautiful Eiffel Tower is being associated automatically. Aside from becoming one of the country’s landmarks, it has been a romantic symbol that complements with the image of Paris as the City of Love.

IMG_8377 (1)-01.jpeg

This famous tower is included in the bucket list of a lot of people from different parts of the world, including the Filipinos. Maybe that was part of the major factor why it became the concept of a restaurant in the Philippines.

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Soft yet Strong: Can you be both?

“Being both soft and strong is a combination very few have mastered.” – Yasmin Mogahed

Are you one of the few?


Many genuine spirits have turned down into something less desirable just to fit in with the society. Nowadays, kindness is being perceived as weakness especially to those who don’t know how to play.

The concept of toughness that most of us are accustomed to is more about the conspicuous aspects like a person’s stance and capacity to suppress heavy emotions with the belief that crying is for the weak.

Pain changes people, really. However, that change will not depend on the pain, but on the people. It will be up to us. It will be under our control.

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