21 things every 21-year-old individual should know

Twenty one: Too old to be a kid, yet too young to be an adult.

Whenever I get new understanding from experiences, observations, and other people’s stories–no matter where I am or what I do–I make sure to take note of it. Basically, it took me a few months to accomplish this list, as I want to complete it the way it is and in accordance with my life’s pace.Β  I want it to cover the changes that happened to my perspectives and views when I became a 21-year-old individual.


I don’t force anyone to agree with me, but I believe you can still learn a thing or two by reading the following. πŸ˜‰

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This realization changed my life

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. – Matthew 6:33″

I could say that 2017 has been a learning era. Everything that I’ve encountered–may it be the best or the worst–taught me something.

Last year was full of inconstant and unpredictable happenings that served as a roller-coaster ride for me. Nonetheless, I acknowledge that it’s the same reason why I realized a lot of life’s main takeaway.

From all those lessons, one has been indispensable that it changed my whole perspective and influenced the way I deal with my daily life.

The thought just hit me one day. And I will be forever grateful to God that He let it came into my existence.

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Why you should never miss the next Oktoberfest #Divercity event

Let’s break the stereotype that parties like this are JUST for fun and up to no good. Yes young, wild, and free, but it’s a responsible YOLO though.

Glad that I finally had the chance to attend to one of the most anticipated annual events in the country, San Miguel Oktoberfest.


Ever since high school, I look forward to going to events like this as part of my bucket list. I went there with my good friends who I can always count on. ❀

(L-R: Ian, Jeff, Ivy, Arnold, Macky, Billie, Aezel, Redrick)

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We totally had a blast and we’ll definitely attend again to next year’s Oktoberfest!


Okay, here are the reasons why you should never miss going to the event next time:

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Euphoric in Noir

When in doubt, wear black.

We were instructed to wear a festive color for our 32nd Anniversary event, yet I sported an all black ensemble, because why not? Hahaha! And to tell you, I’m not the only one. Some attendees also found themselves pleased and confident in flaunting their black classy outfits.


Is black even a color? Physics would say no while arts would may give you a yes. Hence, it would require another blog post or an in-depth research for me to discuss which is which. For now here are the 3 reasons why it is often opt by some over the spectrum of colors:


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5 Ways on how to live like a local in Thailand

Most travelers plan their trip ahead. They search in advance for tourist spots and line up their detailed itinerary, while few prefer to be spontaneous and explore on their own what they can discover.

Regardless of where you belong in the aforementioned statement, this list of not-so-touristy activities will help you to feel less of an alienΒ in Thailand.

I, my friend (left)Β Jean, and our professor (right), Ms. A (Miss you both po, let’s travel again!) experienced living like a local in a country not our own by doing the following:

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